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"Most of the problems in our world start with our outdated and inefficient learning systems. The Learning Code opens our eyes to what went wrong and how to use the latest science to fix things. This research is a game changer for our world!"
Robert Kiyosaki
Best Selling Author Rich Dad Poor Dad

What is the Learning Code?

After 30 years of genetic research on how we enable effective learning, we have discovered the most important new brain technology of the 21st century - a scientific solution that effectively accesses and triggers the human neurological operating system to increase rates of learning, enhance motivation, and engineer behavioral change at unprecedented levels. We’re ready to share it with the world!

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See for yourself the unique approach we took to developing the world’s leading guide to understanding the scientific bases of how to accelerate the speed and depth of learning, motivation, and behavioral change.

Designed not only for the average reader, but also for educational institutions, governments, corporations, and non-profits who desire to build learning systems that create profound change.

Cracking The Learning Code For Homeschool Parents!

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The Interactive, Engaging, Comprehensive System That is Transforming the Way World Learns at Home.

We've developed the world’s first scientifically based multi-week program for homeschool parents, educators and anyone looking to ignite their passion for learning. This course is geared toward the home learning environment and is loaded with powerful neuroscience-based Learning Adventures for children, young adults, and adult learners.

This program is designed to not only enhance the learning experience, but to bring the joy, meaning and fulfillment back to education, while eliminating stress and strengthening the bond between parent and child that will last a lifetime!

“It is my opinion that every school district in America should be made aware of the innovative Learning Code science. This new science is so powerful that to try to educate without an understanding of it is a disservice, not only to our children but to our world.”
Nancy Monson
Learning Innovator & past Director/Principal Running River School

We've Discovered What Many are Calling "the DNA of Learning.​"


Genes that Influence Learning Uncovered to Accelerate Your Learning Capacity

We’ve Developed A Core Learning Protocol Into 24 Basic Steps -This Is The Learning Code 24.

When just a percentage of these 6k genes are stimulated in the correct way, they produce tens of thousands of enzymes and hundreds of neuromodulators. All this brain activation produces what is called “long-term potentiation” in your brain tissue. This, in turn, leads to the cellular and structural change that creates profound learning, motivation and behavior change.

The Learning Code Institute has Worked with or Presented to World Leading Institutions and Organizations such as…

Using Our Research to Develop Learning Solutions to Humanities' Largest Issues


Our schools are failing our children, because they violate the biological laws of learning. Applying the Learning Code has created dramatic improvements in learning, behavior and children’s happiness.



A pandemic of opioid and other addictions threatens the fabric of our communities. Only change at the biological level can free the victims. That’s why The Learning Code science is revolutionizing how we look at the causes of addiction.



Millions of Americans are living on the edge of financial ruin. Most couldn’t find an extra $500 for an emergency. The Learning Code harnesses principles of brain science to create the changes that bring lasting financial wellbeing.


The culture of a corporation, organization or community reflects the underlying biology of its people. Changing culture means changing brains. That's the power of the Learning Code as an agent of transformation.

Thought Leaders Love the Learning Code

“I have helped to discover and work with some of the greatest authors of our time, and it is my opinion that this disruptive Learning Code research will have as profound an impact on the world as the works of Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer”

Picture of Daniel B. Levin

Daniel B. Levin

CEO Mosaic, Founder ZENsei, Former Director Business Development, Hay House Publishing

“We are one of North America’s leading seminar companies for market leaders and motivational speakers like Tony Robbins, Bill Clinton, Steve Harvey, Bob Proctor, and Sir Richard Branson. I can tell you that The Learning Code science is like the Intel Chip. Implant it into any transformational program and you will see astounding advance in the speed of learning and the depth of behavior change. It is a game changer for our industry.”

Picture of Ryan Mitchell

Ryan Mitchell

Owner-Director Power of Success
One of North America's Leading Seminar Companies

“Why is it that of the multitudes of people exposed to new information from books, seminars and online programs, which could have a profound positive impact on their lives, only a small percentage of them take the information and actually put it into practical use in their own lives? There is a missing piece to this puzzle, and I believe The Learning Code is that missing piece.”

Picture of Kim Kiyosaki

Kim Kiyosaki

Co-founder Rich Dad Organization, International Speaker, Author of Rich Woman and It’s Rising Time, A Call to Women

Neuroscience is Completely Transforming Homeschool Learning

Neuroscience is Completely Transforming Homeschool Learning

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Metaphor – The Power of Associative Thinking for HomeSchool Learning

Metaphor – The Power of Associative Thinking for HomeSchool Learning

Metaphor – The Power of Associative Thinking for HomeSchool Learning “Genes Change Slowly, Your Brain Changes Quickly” What is one of the fastest ways for you and your children to learn? Through Associations. Understanding associative learning is an important key to unlocking learning, creativity, and memory formation as part of a natural process. Using metaphor […]

Meaning – The Holy Grail of Learning for Home Schooling

Meaning – The Holy Grail of Learning for Home Schooling

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