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Reminder – Your First “Learning Adventure Is Ready For Launch

“It is my opinion that every homeschool parent as well as every school district in the world should be made aware of the innovative Learning Code science. This new science is so powerful that to try to educate without an understanding of it is a disservice, not only to our children but to our world!”
Nancy Monson
Director/Principal , Running River School Boulder, Colorado

Dear Homeshool Parent!

We noticed you haven’t yet begun, so we wanted to briefly check in and encourage you to explore this ground breaking new program for you and your child - The Learning Code For Homeschool Parents: How To Use Neuroscience To Have Your Child Love Learning Forever! If you’re ready, go ahead and Click Here to begin if you have already registered for the free course.

An added benefit we mention in your first Learning Adventures, is that when you finish Cracking The Learning Code For Homeschool Parents, How To Use Neuroscience To Have Your Child Love Learning, you can receive a Continuing Education Certificate from Claremont University, which many call the Yale of the west.

This powerful credential will not only give you more personal influence in the world, but the knowledge in this course will also be of tremendous benefit to any work or social endeavor you are part of.

These Are Hectic Times!

We understand if you haven't found a calm moment yet to check out these groundbreaking Learning Adventures.

So we just want to remind you that families applying this cutting-edge neuroscientific approach to their child's learning have had a profound and positive impact not only on their child's life but also on the entire family.

We Are Only Inviting 10,000 Parents To Join!

At the Learning Code Institute, we are obsessed with excellence!

Therefore, in order to assure seamless delivery of these disruptive Learning Code Adventures we are limiting our initial launch to 10,000 parents. This will allow us to focus on assuring that we deliver a memorable experience of the most innovative learning product in the world.

There is no time like the present to start your first three lessons for free.

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Traditional Education Typically Activates Only One Stage Of The Learning Process! Three are missing!

Let me give you a little background on this more scientific approach to learning you will be receiving.

We designed these very short Learning Adventures based on what is called The Cycle of Transformation.

Unbeknown to most in education, there are 4 Stages in the learning process. These 4 Stages are represented by different neurochemical states which must be activated in your child’s brain to create the structural change that indicates learning and memory has taken place in them.

One reason that we forget so much of what we memorized, and took tests on in school, is because traditional education only activates one stage of this 4-stage process… that stage The Information Stage.

The 3 other stages, Action, Feedback and Incubation are in general ignored by traditional education. As you will learn in future Learning Adventures without activating the other 3 stages of learning, your brain lacks the correct neurochemistry at the correct times to make memories.

For this reason creating learning in ourselves and our children becomes a much more laborious and stressful process than it ever needs to be. It is one of the main reasons why traditional education is not giving us the results we desire for our children, our families, and our world.

You will learn more about The Cycle Of Transformation and how to integrate it into the learning process in future Learning Adventures.

You have nothing to lose and an entirely new view of education to gain which will transform your child’s relationship with learning for the rest of their lives. We urge you to join our mission to take the stress and pain out of learning and put the joy and meaning back in. Please Click Here to start the 2 free lessons you registered for.

All the best,

JW Wilson and The Learning Code Team

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