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“It is my opinion that every homeschool parent as well as every school district in the world should be made aware of the innovative Learning Code science. This new science is so powerful that to try to educate without an understanding of it is a disservice, not only to our children but to our world!”
Nancy Monson
Education Researcher and Past Director Running River School

Dear Homeschool Parent:

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Homeschooling Your Child Is Stressful!

At The Learning Code Institute, we know how difficult and stressful homeschooling your child can be!

This is why we are on a mission to use the latest neuroscience to take the pain, frustration, and pressure out of homeschooling your child.

Our main objective is to put the joy, the excitement, and most importantly personal meaning back into the whole learning process…not only for your child, but also for you!

Learning Should Be Engaging, Fun, and Efficient!

Unfortunately, because we have failed to understand the biological bases of learning, most traditional education has become more like drudgery and a stressful grind.

More importantly, the statistics show our educational systems based on outdated learning theories are not really giving your child what they need to succeed in life. While financial well-being is certainly only one measure of success, consider that after going to school, surveys show that 70% of all of us live paycheck to paycheck and up to 66% of us are not very happy with our lives. While there are other variables influencing these sad statistics, something is clearly not working in our educational system to give our children what they need to succeed in life.

Many experts believe this disruptive Learning Code Science will forever transform what we are doing in our schools and in our homes to help our children learn with more joy, enthusiasm and engagement.

What Experts Are Saying:

After people are exposed to this groundbreaking scientific approach to how our children’s brains work, we receive overwhelming numbers of testimonials like the one below:

Why Are These First Learning Adventures Free to You?

We are a mission-based company.  Therefore, we put values … before profit.

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After you test drive this transformational learning system, if you want to join our mission to transform how your child and our world learns, we would love to have you on this journey with us at a cost of $20 a month.

It is our experience that once parents and educators are exposed to this groundbreaking scientific approach to learning, they never revert to the old ways of teaching their children again.

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At the Learning Code Institute, we are obsessed with excellence!

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