Transforming Learning | The Learning Code Institute

JW Wilson is the Executive Director of The Learning Code Institute, a worldleading organization which researches, develops and implements scientific based learning and behavioral change programs. He is also the author of the soon to be published book Cracking the Learning Code, the culmination of over 30 years of scientific research into the basis of how to accelerate the speed of learning and the rate of behavioral change.

The research is a quantum leap in dramatically accelerating how you learn,motivate and change your behaviors. A key finding is that you have a genetically implantedLearning Code, that is represented by 6000 genes which influence all your brain’s functions. A large percentage of these genes must be turned on before you can create long term memory or lasting behavioral change. If the genes in your Learning Code are not turned on, you can study for hundreds of hours and memorize thousands of things (as you did in school) but in the end, remember very little.

JW uses this ground-breaking science to transform people’s relationship with money and life. JW has presented The Learning Code science to or worked with prestigious organizations such as the Mayo Clinic, Turner Broadcasting, The Rich Dad Organization as well as governments and institutions in Canada, Nigeria, Columbia, Peru, Estonia and Brazil.

The research that lead to the deciphering of the Learning Code has been derived from the fields of neuroscience, genetics, molecular biology, evolutionary biology, quantum physics, complexity science and chaos theory; and the works of eminent scientists such as Gerald Edelman, Candace Pert, Joseph LeDoux, Theodosius Dobzhansky, and Antonio Damasio. JW’s passion, in fact his crusade, is to bring this essential knowledge to the world.

The Scientific Breakthrough That Will Change How the World Learns.