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“The Learning Code shines a light into the world of Adult Learning and Industrial Psychology. Suddenly we have a biological basis of how, why and what we learn. This new “hard” science gives us a grounded platform to analyze what works and what doesn’t work in Learning Design. We are very excited about the implementation of the Learning Code into our courses, as this new learning science aligns with and confirms our philosophy about how adults need to be treated in learning environments in order to create profound memory formation and behavioral change.”

Evan Abbott

Director, Organizational Development and Learning - Mountain States Employers Council - America’s Largest Employer Association, Faculty, Regis University, College for Professional Studies

“....the Learning Code is bringing about a sea of change. Universities and research centers around the world have focused on narrow aspects of learning and how to improve it, but no one had pulled all of that information together to build a powerful, comprehensive and breakthrough method for accelerating learning — until now. The Learning Code embodies the best scientific research on learning and behavior change.”

Paul Kordis, Ph.D.

Internationally renowned expert in the field of creating profound change, Best-selling author of Strategy of the Dolphin, Name Your Passion: A User’s Guide to Finding Your Personal Purpose, and The Superhighway to Serfdom: How False-Social- Norms Marketing is Hijacking the American Dream

“I believe the science of the Learning Code will revolutionize what we are doing with our school districts, individual schools and teacher groups. I have been working in the educational space for 14 years and, going forward, we will not consult, train or develop content without mapping it against the Learning Code.

Mack Weathers

Principal School Ventures, LLC

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“It has become clear to us that by understanding the neurobiology of our underprivileged and highly stressed student population, we can more effectively create educational environments that produce more efficient, dramatic and joyful learning and behavioral change. We are excited to apply this new neurobiological perspective of The Learning Code at Gordon Parks School.”

Jennifer Hagemaster and Ali Bunten

Curriculum and Instruction Department, Gordon Parks School

"The Learning Code has helped me understand that as educators we are really in the business of changing children’s’ biology so that they can learn, motivate themselves and change their behaviors more effectively. This more scientific approach has enhanced our lens by helping us understand the science behind our current undesirable approaches and our future desirable ones.
Additionally, this scientific approach allows me think about change as a transformative process. When I understand the neurobiology of change, I recognize that it takes time to break old neurological connections and build new ones. It depersonalizes the work and helps me appreciate the power of patience and empathy in the transformation process. "

Jake Rodgers

Chief Academic Officer, Ingenium Charter Schools

“It is my opinion that every school district in America should be made aware of the innovative Learning Code science. This new science is so powerful that to try to educate without an understanding of it is a disservice, not only to our children but to our world.”

Nancy Monson

Director/Principal , Running River School Boulder, Colorado

"The Learning Code is so enlightening to me because, as Dean of Students it reveals the science behind how harmful traditional punishment and reward models can be, not only to a student's brain but also to their behaviors.
It is now clear from understanding the science, why punishing a student isn't going to get you better results, but growing their capacity for empathy will. By being transparent with the science, I can now get more buy-in from our staff, parents, students, and the larger community. What an exciting opportunity!"

Anthony Gram

Dean of Students, Ingenium Charter Schools

“Why is it that of the multitudes of people exposed to new information from books, seminars and online programs, which could have a profound positive impact on their lives, only a small percentage of them take the information and actually put it into practical use in their own lives? There is a missing piece to this puzzle, and I believe The Learning Code is that missing piece.”

Kim Kyiosaki

Entrepreneur, International Speaker, Author of Rich Woman and It’s Rising Time, A Call to Women

“In over 30 years of in business, much of it spent in exploring new communications methodologies, the principles of The Learning Code stand alone. The ground-breaking research that lead to the identification of this code has broken new boundaries in understanding and applying effective tools to enhance our learning and behavioral change abilities. What’s truly exciting is that The Learning Code has the real potential to forever transform the ability of educators, students, business people, and the individual to thrive in this age of the information explosion.”

Neal Rohr

CEO - The Vermont Group

“The Learning Code is such a dramatic approach to making learning meaningful. It doesn't just simplify and break things down--it teaches us the importance of connecting with other ideas, other people."

Danielle (Voirol) Ridgway

Grants Manager, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful Former Senior Copy Editor, John Wiley & Sons
Editor for over 90 'For Dummies' Books

“Cracking the Learning Code validates from a scientific perspective what I have discovered from my 30 years of research into the world’s most successful educational systems. I am amazed at how digestible this series makes this complex science. Cracking the Learning Code will definitely be a best seller!"

Dr. Jeannette Vos

Coauthor, The New Learning Revolution (Over 7.5 million copies sold in China in 25 days)
Coauthor, Unlimited, The Learning Revolution Toolbox

“I helped build a media company that reached 50 million households. I thought our organization knew most everything there was to know about how to market on the web. Yet in a very short period, The Learning Code’s Neurogenetics of Marketing, Branding and Sales Matrix completely changed our paradigm about how to present information to get people to take action.

Tom Nyiri

Dynamic Media Networks Media that Makes a Difference!

"The Learning Code is such a powerful tool it will become the cornerstone of the 'Sciences for Humanity.' It is the matching of neuroscience and genetics to human needs. The Code can be applied to disciplines such as training, education, leadership, creativity and innovation, marketing, and organizational and human behavior. Like the Intel chip, the Learning Code can quickly be implanted into any learning or behavior change program to make them state of the art. I would never consider doing anything related to marketing without deploying the cognitive and social principles of the Code."

George Moore

Designing The World’s First 3D Social Media

"Great marketing is great education. It instills new knowledge in a way that promotes positive action. That’s why learning science is fundamental to marketing success. And the better the science, the better the results. Today, the frontlines of learning research are found in the Learning Code. As a practitioner and educator in the marketing field for some 30 years, I can report that the impact of The Learning Code is transformative. This technology is the key to ‘active learning,’ where marketing and education intersect. If you want people to not only get information, but act on it, you have to master the Learning Code. For the savvy professional, owning the Code means owning the market.”

Jon Ward Branding

Award-Winning Brand Designer, Co-founder of Click for Clients Marketing, and Strategic Marketing Consultant for organizations including The Learning Company, The Rich Dad Organization, Del Web, and Trump University.

After integrating The Learning Code Science into our copy and website, we have seen a phenomenal 1000% increase in response rates for our social media services! We are now SWAMPED with invitations for work. We can’t tell you how grateful we are. This scientific approach to marketing has completely changed our mindset."

Ann Gray

CEO, Ann Gray Consulting The Queen of Social Media

“The concepts that we have gained from The Learning Code on the neuroscience and genetics of marketing and branding, has helped propel Edu Akadeemia to become the #1 brand of self- improvement and personal development in Estonia. This has happened within one short year. This science, when applied to the behaviors of current and potential customers is truly amazing.”

Roland Amsterdam

CEO, Edu Akadeemia
Estonia’s Leading Personal Development Organization, Promoters for Influencers like Tony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki

"One would never think to connect neurology and business, but The Learning Code has done just that… and it is a gift to the world! This research on learning will change our perceptions and make us a stronger human race."

Collette Baker

Member of ETP Canada

The profound Learning Code knowledge about how to create sustainable change in organizations by understanding the biology of change has wholly transformed our perspective about how we implement change and why our initiatives have experienced resistance in the past. This new insight is a quantum leap in comprehending ‘what we need to do next’ when confronted with difficult change management issues. Implementing the scientific-based knowledge of the Learning Code has personally given me more power and peace in my life than I have ever experienced before. I would highly recommend this dramatic Learning Code approach to create organizational and personal change to any company that is genuinely committed to increasing employee productivity and joy by transforming the existing through science.

Tiffany Goode

Change Management Group and Turner Broadcasting,

"As CEO of Point Quest Education we have worked with 1000s of severely at-risk youth, who have conditions such as autism, emotional disturbance, intellectual-learning disabilities, and other health conditions that make learning extremely difficult for them. The Learning Code science demonstrated to us that if you change the neural structure of the brain, you immediately change behavior. With this knowledge and the understanding that information alone does not cause transformation, the Learning Code is providing us with a roadmap for putting knowledge into action where extraordinary change can happen no matter what the handicap."

Ronda Jaggers

CEO, Point Quest Education

"At Warriors Heart, we have developed the first residential treatment center in the nation for wounded warriors suffering from PTSD. We believe The Learning Code science, with its focus on changing brain structures, in order to change peoples’ behaviors, will be of immense benefit in our treatment of those who have experienced trauma in their lives."

Lisa Lannon

Co-Author, The Social Capitalist, Passion and Profits,