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Introducing The Scientific Breakthrough that is transforming how educators motivate, engage, and change student behaviors.

"Every school district in America should be made aware of the innovative Learning Code science. This new science is so powerful that to try to educate without an understanding of it is a disservice, not only to our children but to our world. Our students’ critical thinking skills are developed, their true passion for learning is engaged, and they experience more joy in the process."
Nancy Monson
Director/Principal of Running River School in Boulder, Colorado

We Know Your Struggle is Real

According to the Department of Education, approximately 8% of teachers annually leave the profession they were so passionate about because they are dissatisfied. This dissatisfaction can take many forms including:

  • Stress over increasingly impossible testing standards and expectations
  • Challenging student behaviors in the classroom
  • Students unengaged in the learning process
  • Reactive, ineffective strategies instead of proactive solutions
  • Lack of administrative support
  • Difficulty in getting parents to ‘buy in’ and support the learning process
  • Not spending nearly enough time actually teaching students and many, many hours of your own time (not to mention money!) spent without compensation developing lesson plans, behavior plans, obtaining materials, all while trying to keep your students best interests at the forefront
"As a classroom teacher for students with behavioral and addictions issues for over twenty years, I have come to realize that our children are dying in their desks. The methods used today to teach are not working for the masses."
Tim Artemenko
Classroom Teacher + Coach, Author – Basketball: Basics & Beyond, Co Author-National Coaching Certification Program Canada​

As a teacher, no doubt one of the most gratifying experiences are those light bulb moments of learning. Those moments when you see a student’s eyes light up because they ‘get it’. The pure joy of understanding an idea or concept. The pride that shines for work well done. All because of you, the dedicated and committed professional who lives for those incredible lightbulb moments. It’s what keeps you going every day.

How would you feel if those moments were the norm and not the exception?

Imagine the impact you could make if students were curious and joyful participants in their learning. What would it be worth to spend far less time on challenging behaviors in the classroom and considerably more time guiding and nurturing your student’s love of learning all while seeing real and measurable progress happening?

Finally, a Solution that Makes Sense (Literally)

There is a hidden reason that teachers struggle and children fail to learn. Almost all educational pedagogy ignores basic biology: the human brain is inherently designed for joyful, easy, self-directed learning. In other words, it is literally in our DNA to want to learn!


What our research team knows after 30 years of tireless scientific work, testing, and application, is that within every individual is a genetically implanted, specific Learning Code. Because of our dedication to learning transformation, it is now possible for educators to flip the switch on a student’s learning potential…easily and effortlessly!

Tap Into the Power of the Brain

All this brain activation produces what is called “long-term potentiation” in brain tissue. This leads to cellular and structural changes that create profound learning, motivational, and behavioral changes.

What this means to you as an educator, is that you now have the power to leverage each student’s natural learning code by applying the First Law of Learning.

What this means to you as an educator, is that you now have the power to leverage each student’s natural learning code by applying the First Law of Learning.

"Cracking the Learning Code validates from a scientific perspective what I have discovered from my 30 years of research into the world’s most successful educational systems. I am amazed at how digestible this series makes this complex science."
Dr. Jeannette Vos
Coauthor, The Learning Revolution (Over 7.5 million copies sold in China in 25 days), Coauthor of The New Learning Revolution, Coauthor of Unlimited: The Learning Revolution Toolbox

An Investment in Students and Yourself

As a heart-centered educator, the two most precious resources you have are time and money…and there’s not nearly enough of either at your disposal. No one is more skilled at stretching a dollar and making every minute count than a teacher with a classroom full of students.

We honor your resourcefulness and believe every teacher in the world should have access to a program that will change her life and the lives of her students.

That is exactly why Cracking the Learning Code for Teachers is priced at just $10/month and requires only a few minutes of your time daily (really!) in order to make learning joyful and transformative for your students.

About the Claremont University Certification

Not only is Cracking the Learning Code easy on your wallet and life but when you complete the program, you’ll also receive a special accreditation from the prestigious Claremont University. This certification alone is worth the price of enrollment in Cracking the Learning Code for Teachers and will greatly increase your value as a educator and leader in how the world learns. Cracking the Learning Code for Teachers is not only great for students, but it’s also great for your career too!

Canada’s Masters Academy used The Learning Code methodology to accelerate their student’s learning.

The Learning Code helped increase test scores 400% higher than the Canadian Province average.

The Course: Cracking the Learning Code for Teachers

Here’s what you get when you enroll in Cracking the Learning Code for Teachers:

  • A 5-7 minute learning segment you watch on Sunday night and five “Activator Modules” (3-5 minutes long) that you watch each day, Monday – Friday.
  • Practical application that incorporates all 24 “Learning Code Triggers” that we have identified for switching on the natural biology of learning. You’ll learn exactly how to apply each of these triggers in the learning environment.
  • You’ll tap into the organic, biological basis of how your students naturally learn-the fundamental critical piece that is missing from 99% of education today.
  • At the end of 52 weeks, you’ll have mastered the Learning Code for yourself, and perhaps more importantly, you will have made a difference in positively transforming education for the better.

We are so confident in the power of Cracking the Learning Code for Teachers that if you are not beyond satisfied we’ll refund every penny.

With an estimated 50 million teachers around the world poised to bring forth change in student motivation and learning, you’ll be in a global community of difference makers when you join The Learning Code Institute for Teacher

The movement and paradigm shift is here...are you ready to join us?​