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What is the Learning Code?

Inserting surviving and thriving information into our biology

The Learning Code is the process by which humans efficiently insert surviving and thriving information into our biology. This code dictates not only how we learn but what we learn and remember. The Learning Code has been etched into our genetic makeup through a 3.5-billion-year evolutionary process of selection. When this code is switched on, learning becomes remarkably easy, and the results are long-lasting. 

Genes and Learning

Our genes act as vehicles in which past learning is transferred from one generation to the next. Information that has been important for the survival in previous generations is genetically encoded and passed forward for the benefit of future generations. Have you ever wondered why you are able to do certain things without ever being taught? Babies are born knowing how to cry and master crawling, walking and climbing on their own. Later in life, have you noticed that you are naturally drawn to movement in an otherwise still setting? For many generations this has been encoded as a defense mechanism to spot potential danger in the wilderness.  This instinctual learning which that is crammed into each and every one of your many trillion cells it is learning what helped your ancestors to survive. 

But if your genetic program was only encoded with instinctual learning that helped our ancestors survive in past environments, you would you survive today? Faced with an overwhelming amount of new information, well beyond just reading, writing, driving a car or operating a computer, how are we able to survive let alone thrive in today’s environment. To help us survive and thrive today, evolution etched into our genetic program, a code which that allows you to quickly learn in our current, complex environments. Without this “acquisition code”, which allows us to quickly learn new information, our surviving and thriving options would be severely limited. Humans are the species with the greatest capacity to survive and thrive because we have the most sophisticated Learning Code of any species on the face of the earth.

In addition to possessing survival information, your genes act as transmission devices. They transfer information that represents the Learning Code held in structures into our brain tissue. Our brain then uses this data to direct our body parts and organs to perform what it perceives will to be the most advantageous surviving and thriving actions.

Learning Acquisition Device
This idea that there is a Learning Code is preselected into our genetic makeup is not a new concept. In the late 1950’s, renowned linguist Noam Chomsky kicked off the cognitive movement in psychology by asking the question, “How was it possible that children could so quickly and easily acquire complex language with no instruction what so ever?” 


Chomsky concluded that the only possible way that a child could learn to understand an amazing 30,000 words and all of the complex rules of grammar by the time he/she was only six 6 years old, was if the child was born with a “language acquisition device” prewired into his genes. He concluded that the child approaches the task of learning a language with a conceptual framework already in place that forms part of the human biological endowment, to be awakened by experience. 

Since Chomsky first proposed an acquisition code for language, other researchers have proposed that there are genetically pre wired acquisition devices  that   enable children to quickly learn other traits and capacities including sight, sound, movement, math, and even the ability to grasp concepts such as circles and animals. These experts point out that by simply introducing the right stimuli to the child, these acquisition devices are activated, which, in turn, prompts a high level of neurochemical activity in the brain, which allows for remarkably rapid learning. As researchers Peter Coveny and Highfield point out in Frontiers of Complexity, The DNA code “programs’” the brain architecture and learning process.

Previous efforts to uncover our genetically pre-encoded learning devices have focused mainly with on how children acquire new information so rapidly, but what about how adults learn new information?  This previous research has also been researched primarily by experts whose specialize in a particular field , and therefore tended to focus on specific traits. “Cracking the Learning Code” is the result of 30 years of research that expands on the early pioneering efforts, and proposes a universal Learning Code, which encompasses all forms of learning, a code that is active not only in childhood, but throughout our adult lives!

The Learning Code – The Holy Grail of Learning 

The goal of Cracking the Learning Code is to illustrate that for long long-term memory formation, you must activate your brain’s Learning Code. When our genetically implanted Learning Code is activated by the appropriate environmental stimulus, learning and long long-term memory, automatically takes place with little or no effort. Scientific evidence suggests that trying to learn without accessing this Code is like trying to open a bank vault with the wrong combination. It can’t be accomplished. 


It is worthwhile to understand that learning is not the only thing that occurs when large numbers of neurons are simultaneously fired. Behavior change also occurs. Our behaviors, which are dictated by the existing structure of our neural tissue, also change. We act the way we do in life because the configuration of our neural network prompts us to do so.


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