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Implementing the scientific-based knowledge of the Learning Code has personally given me more power and peace in my life than I have ever experienced before. I would highly recommend this dramatic Learning Code approach to create organizational and personal change to any company that is genuinely committed to increasing employee productivity and joy…...
Tiffany Goode
Change Management Group and Turner Broadcasting

Dear Homeschool Parent:

You now have free access with your registration to the first two lessons of the world’s leading learning program for homeschool parents: Cracking The Learning Code For Homeschool Parents: How To Use The Latest Neuroscience To Have Your Child Love Learning.

We thank you for your willingness to check out this new scientifically based learning system which many experts believe will forever transform how your child and the world learns.

These short learning modules … or as we call them Learning Adventures… are based on our best-selling book Cracking The Learning Code, The Science that is Transforming How The World Learns, Motivates and Changes Behaviors.

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Why Real World Learning Is The Key To Enhancing Your Child’s Learning!

By signing up, you now have access to a sampling of the paradigm shifting knowledge that was in the book, but in a simple to use, engaging online format. We utilize the latest brain science to help both you and your child enjoy and deepen the homeschool experience.

The research shows that while books can give us knowledge, nothing creates learning and change faster in our children and us than interactions with the real world. And our Cracking The Learning Code For Homeschool Parents online Adventures do just that! They are designed to give you and your child not only knowledge, but also when appropriate, the experience of learning by taking action in the real world.

This is the kind of learning that sticks. I won’t go to deeply into the science here, but as you will see in future Learning Adventures… this is why you remember your first kiss and not your last history class! For 95% of the population including your child, experience beats words every time.

Our mission at The Leaning Code Institute is to not only to support you and your child to learn more joyfully and effectively, but to help the whole world do so!

Let me explain how we plan to do this.

There is a term in science called the Tipping Point. This is the critical point in a system where significant, irreversible, and unstoppable change takes place.

Research indicates that once 5% of the of the world’s population becomes aware of this scientific basis of how we learn and create memories, the Tipping Point will be reached and will impact the entire world in a positive way!

This is why we are on a mission to share this powerful transformative learning knowledge with every child, parent and teacher in the world!

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To help us create this Tipping Point, we would like to offer you the opportunity to share this free offer with at least three, or more, people if at all possible.

By doing this you are not only supporting your child to learn how to live the life of their dreams, but you are also helping to create world where all children can learn to live the life of their dreams.

If you are willing, please Click Here to gift this special free offer to the special people in your life with this cutting-edge scientific approach which will forever transform our children’s and our world’s relationship with learning.

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JW Wilson and The Learning Code Team

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