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The Most Powerful Learning Tool of the 21st Century Is At Your Fingertips

"The Learning Code is so enlightening to me because, as Dean of Students it reveals the science behind how harmful traditional punishment and reward models can be, not only to a student's brain but also to their behaviors… being transparent with the science, I can now get more buy-in from our staff, parents, students, and the larger community. What an exciting opportunity!"
Anthony Gram
Dean of Students, Ingenium Charter Schools

Hello from The Learning Code Institute!

We are not wanting to bother you, but if you have not taken advantage of our invitation to try our online course Cracking The Learning Code For Homeschool Parents: How To Use The Latest Neuroscience To Have Your Child Love Learning, we encourage you to do so now. Click Here to help them get started.

If you feel the time is just not right for you and your child to engage in this new science-based approach to learning, then maybe there are others in your life who you care about who could benefit right now. So please consider sharing this opportunity with friends and family members who might appreciate you thinking of them. If so, please add their contact info to this form and we will immediately extend our free offer to them!

Your consideration and sharing may help transform a young learner’s life in profound ways. They will thank you!

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