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Thank you so much choosing Cracking The Learning Code For Homeschool Parents: How To Use The Latest Neuroscience To Have Your Child Love Learning. You are now part of our mission to transform the way our children and the world learns.

As Robert Kiyosaki author of the Best Selling Rich Dad, Poor Dad series points out:

'Most of the problems in our world start with our outdated and inefficient learning systems. The Learning Code opens our eyes to what went wrong and how to use the latest science to fix things. This research is a game changer for our world!'

Your First Lesson Awaits You!

Your first lesson is now available in Kajabi, the learning management system we are using to deliver your lessons. These modules are so much more than lessons …we call them Learning Adventures.

Once you have completed your first Learning Adventure, you will then be notified via email when your next lesson becomes available.

Your Child’s Brain Must “Go Offline” To Cement Learning Into Memory

These ground-breaking neurobiological based Learning Adventures leave time for your child’s brain to process, store, reflect and incubate upon this new information before jumping right into the next Learning Adventure. As you will come to learn, this Incubation Stage of Learning is a vital part of the proven neuroscience approach on how long-term memory is naturally cemented in your and your child’s brain structures.

The positive impacts of these Learning Adventures extend beyond you and your child's interest in learning. They are also designed to provide a deeper, more profound connection between members of your family that will last a lifetime.

Why We All Learn A Little Differently

Really, many users tell us is one of the most enlightening parts of these Learning Adventures is their enhanced understand of how each member of your family has their own unique way to learn. Why? Because each member of your family… and even each person in the world… has their own unique brain structures. As you will soon discover, this ensures that we will all learn a little differently than our fellow man to assure the survival of our species.

One huge reason traditional education is failing us today, is because traditional education treats all brains as if they all learn in the exact same way. This could not be further from the truth!

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Please share your feedback at any point in these Learning Adventures at .We are excited to hear about your thoughts regarding any impact this material has had upon you, your child, and your family.

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