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Founded on Science, Dedicated to Improving the Learning of Mankind

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Watch the video above to see how we're applying scientific discoveries in neuroscience toward actionable solutions that improve learning, adaptability, communication in order to advance humanity, so we can together (as a species) solve the world's biggest issues.

Founded on Disruption, Transformation and Science

The Learning Code Institute is a noble cause-based organization founded on our 30+ years of disruptive research into the neurobiology of transformation. We have a commitment to change the world for the better by addressing major inefficiencies found in learning, motivation and behavior change with our systems, publications, media, and presentations.

Our Noble Cause

Scientifically speaking, our traditional educational and organizational training systems are not working. The traditional behavior modification approaches are deeply flawed and some of the most challenging social issues of our time, such as addiction, obesity, education system, PTSD and cultural dysfunction are at epidemic levels. Our noble cause is to directly apply our more than thirty years of neurobiological research into the causes of true transformation, to alleviate the pain and inefficiency of learning, motivation and behavior change and to put joy and efficiency back in.

Our Team: Collectively Impassioned and Walking Our Talk

All of us on The Learning Code Institute Team are deeply committed to our Noble Cause, to use science to transform the world of learning, motivation and behavioral change for the better. Each of us has been personally moved by the Learning Code science and collectively synergized as a team by what our research reveals. This is an amazing aspect of the Learning Code science: it transforms people on both a personal level as well as on a collective/organizational level.

JW Wilson

Executive Director
JW Wilson is Executive Director of The Learning Code Institute, which is consider a world leader in researching the neurological and genetic bases of learning, motivation, and behavioral change. JW and his team have extensive backgrounds developing systems that use neurobiology to transform peoples’ lives in areas that range from education and leadership to addiction and marketing.

Aaron Mead

Director of Web Technology and Marketing

Brian Doubleday

Director of Video Production
Brian has been a film and video producer/director since he graduated from college. He was a principal of Resolution, Inc, a major national video production and fulfillment center in Burlington Vermont. Early in his career, Brian wrote and directed three full seasons of the popular Joy of Gardening television series. As a producer for the XIII US Olympic Games, he produced a 10 minute 16 mm film every day for 17 days, directing film crews and editors in the creation of highlight reels for countries that could not send their own production crews. He made a popular documentary on the first person to walk alone around the world, Worldwalker. Brian wrote, produced and directed Nina’s World, a highly acclaimed educational film shot on location in Moscow with an all-Russian crew, who documented (in 14 days of shooting) a single day in the life of a Russian school girl for western audiences. Several years later, Doubleday won an Emmy for producing and directing a television series seen on PBS stations across the nation called Venturing, 13 half hour programs documenting the perils and joys of entrepreneurship. He also wrote and produced the Emmy nominated 4-part series, The New Workplace which profiled so-called enlightened workplaces. He served as co-producer of Instinct, starring Anthony Hopkins and Cuba Gooding, Jr., a serious dramatization of humankind’s mistaken notion of God-given dominion over all animals on earth, a feature film inspired by the novel Ishmael, by Daniel Quinn. He also produced a popular music video, The World Anthem, for the Mindshare Foundation. He is a nationally recognized interviewer and has integrated the most up-to-date neurological science information from The Learning Code Institute into his work, which has helped him create outstanding results in his interviews and taken his creative efforts to new levels. He is currently Senior Producer for the Learning Code Institute, helping Executive Director JW Wilson create the video programming that will change the way the world learns. It is his personal mission to help bring this disruptive, life-changing information to the world.

Neal Rohr

CEO - The Vermont Group

Neal Rohr

“In over 30 years of in business, much of it spent in exploring new communications methodologies, the principles of The Learning Code stand alone. The ground-breaking research that lead to the identification of this code has broken new boundaries in understanding and applying effective tools to enhance our learning and behavioral change abilities. What’s truly exciting is that The Learning Code has the real potential to forever transform the ability of educators, students, business people, and the individual to thrive in this age of the information explosion.” Neal Rohr CEO - The Vermont Group

Cary Ambraziunas

Director of Web Technology and Marketing

Lorenzo Hickey

Director of Information Technology
Lorenzo has helped form 21 leading-edge startup companies. As a serial entrepreneur and recovering accountant, he believes these are dynamic times to co-create with a new generation of like-minded individuals moving toward more collaborative and cooperative business models. He is the founder of SHAPESHFIT World, the Elevate Marketplace and Elevate JV Global where his wide-ranging experience with small and large businesses assists thousands of clients to succeed. He firmly believe that you have to SHIFT the way you think, to SHAPE your world!
Linda 2

Linda Tilson

Project Manager TLCI
Linda Tilson is a highly energetic woman who has established herself as a key source of talent and coaching within the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries as an Accounting Services Manager and transformational leader. Linda is the business owner of Learn from Linda which specializes in the development and delivery of interactive, facilitated workshops and personalized one-on-one coaching. Through appreciative inquiry, Linda empowers individual members of teams and private coaching clients as she guides them through transformational change using her five-step light system. Linda’s clients include men and women who are high performers that seek to develop their communication, relationship, and leadership skills. Linda holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting and received her certification as a Neuro Linguistic Language Programming (NLP) Practitioner. Linda has over a decade of direct experience leading teams of technical professionals to achieve sustainable results that create operational effectiveness. Linda is skilled in accounting, project management, process improvement, change management, and small group facilitation. One of Linda’s outstanding achievements includes receiving the Golden Eraser from agency Director, Joel Sacks, for her contribution to eliminate waste and provide efficiencies in processes that exceed customer expectations.

Denise Wolk

Director of Academic Research and Fact Checking
I have taken research leadership roles in the development of numerous transformational education projects, including state and district-based small high school projects, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the US Department of Education’s Smaller Learning Communities program, and collaborating with the National Association of Secondary School Principals, in the creation of Breaking Ranks II and Breaking Ranks in the Middle. These books were so impactful they were distributed to every middle and high school principal in the country. At Brown University, I co-authored the groundbreaking book Discover the Power of Advisories and was on the team that designed, implemented, and evaluated interventions for student-centered teaching and learning. I co-authored two other important books that are used in colleges of teacher education including the Harvard Graduate School of Education: The Personalized High School and Personalized Learning: Preparing High School Students to Create Their Futures. As a member of the Massachusetts Education Law Task Force and Youth Restoration Project I help schools across New England to implement restorative justice practices. In addition, I lead a team of fact checkers with Dr. David Kessler the former director of the FDA and Director of the Yale Medical School for his controversial book A Question of Intent. I see the profound science of The Learning Code as the linchpin in creating educational systems that can help us build a world where people live deeply fulfilling and meaningful lives. For more than twenty years, working with organizations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations, the US Department of Education’s Smaller Learning Communities I have been considered an authority in the national conversation about student centered- teaching and learning. I am intensely passionate about employing deeply grounded research to transform a severely broken educational system.

Irfan Shekh

Director of Video Editing and Animation
Irfan is an animation artist and a video editor. He graduated in Mechanical Engineering and Post Graduated in Piping Engineering. He worked as a Design Engineer for 3 years and then switched his career to a filmmaker in 2017 and since then he has created around 2000 videos and still counting, he also directed some TV shows and music videos. At The Learning Code Institute, he handles the Post-production work and anything related to video.

Sandy Draper

Managing Editor Book Division
I have been working in the publishing industry for 20-plus years and managed the editorial direction of more than 1,000 publications. In that time, I have worked with scores of prestigious publishers from Hay House UK, Amber Books, and Watkins Media to Penguin DK and HarperCollins. I love focusing on authors like JW, who produce disruptive concepts that will not only make a difference in the world but also have the potential to become bestsellers. I have helped bestselling talents such as, Gillian Anderson (X-Files) and Jennifer Nadel (BBC investigative journalist) authors of WE: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere, John Parkin author of F**k It Therapy: The Profane Way to Profound Happiness, Ali Campbell (NLP expert), author of Just Get on With It: A Caring, Compassionate Kick Up the Ass! Dr. Nerina Ramlakhan (UK’s leading sleep expert) and author of Fast Asleep, Wide Awake, as well as Steve Taylor who is highly esteemed by Eckart Tolle and wrote Back To Sanity, Healing the Madness of Mind among other books. I am excited to be working with The Learning Code Institute’s 20-book launch. It is my sincere belief that the research and knowledge presented in the Cracking the Learning Code series will have a worldwide impact in book markets that range from learning and marketing to cultural transformation and addiction.
GreggLauer Headshot-2

Gregg Lauer

Senior Instructional Designer
During the last decade I’ve had the opportunity to build and lead major projects in the Instructional Design Industry for multiple markets and corporations. As I began to understand the Learning Code science, it was a shock to realize how misguided the $170 billion/year Instructional Design Industry is as a whole. To realize that the neurobiological science behind deep learning and transformation is virtually unknown in the e-learning/instructional design industry, and non-existent in today's models of instructional design taught in graduate schools, was more than startling. It seemed a travesty. True learning from a biological perspective does not in fact occur via “instruction”, rather it occurs by a process of “selection”. So the very moniker of the toolset of the learning industry, “instructional design”, is in itself incorrect. To continue the current instructional design strategies without applying this crucial science would be a dire missed opportunity and massive waste of resources. We need a significant global uptick in human performance to match the scale of today's growing social, geo-political and environmental challenges. I’ve worked at the leading edge of design trends and creative expression for more than 25 years. I’ve long possessed the ability to employ unique design methodologies and creative approaches to existing and emerging technological platforms, utilizing multiple modes of expression and design aptitudes: verbal, visual, auditory and motion.
Chris Obyrne_temp

Chris Obyrne

Book Launch Director
I am the founder and CEO of JETLAUNCH Publishing and a director of the Strategic Advisor Board. I was a chemical engineer for ten years in the pulp and paper industry, then started a charter high school where I was both the lead science and math teacher plus the president of the board. I'm a USA Today bestselling author with over 100 profitable partnerships in various industries and verticals. I have published over 10,000 books in the past 15 years.

Richard Jackson

Director of Operations

Advisory Team

Michael Schmidt

PhD, Chief Scientific Advisor
Michael focuses on the scientific basis of learning, motivation and behavioral change. His highly respected work on learning and peak performance spans the U.S. military (Delta Force, West Point), NASA, U.S. Olympic teams, NFL, NBA, and other elite performers. Michael’s formal training includes a PhD in molecular medicine and a second PhD in neuroscience. He also worked with the Golden State Warriors on advanced molecular profiling/personalized medicine solutions for the team, which they credit for much of their success in becoming NBA champions.

Mark Reardon

Chief Learning Advisor
Mark is recognized as a pioneer and innovator in the field of accelerated learning. In addition to having been a teacher, principal and education consultant, Mark was recently the Chief Learning Officer for one of the most prestigious accelerated learning organizations in the world, the Quantum Learning Network. He helped propel the growth of the company, where 77,000 students have now taken the summer accelerated learning program called SuperCamp. In addition, 70,000 teachers worldwide have taken their education programs, and it is estimated this has impacted more than 10 million children.

John Brice

World Marketing and Sales Advisor
John is an internationally recognized media entrepreneur and marketing executive. After helping drive sales at the Chicago Sun-Times and the Chicago Tribune, he became the National Sales Manager at the renowned Advertising Age magazine and later became Publisher of Creativity, the ad industry’s #1 publication for creative directors. He purchased Campus Publisher and repositioned it into the largest national publisher of Official University Guide magazines, websites and mobile apps in the country. He loves to tell stories of his tenure as a board member of the Advertising Club of New York and his four years spent publishing the daily newspaper at the International Cannes Advertising festival.

Who We've Worked With Around the Globe

We’ve presented our work to, and consulted for, countless organizations worldwide—including the Mayo Clinic, Turner Broadcast/CNN, the seminar promotional group for global speakers like Tony Robins and Bill Clinton, the leadership training group for NASA and The Defense Department as well as the organization that does strategic planning for the NFL, the UN, and the National Institutes of Health. In addition we’ve presented our work to governments and educational institutions in Nigeria, Estonia, Finland, Canada, China, New Zealand, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Chile and the UK.

World Tour of Transformation: Setting Up the Launch of Our First Systems and Publications

We have had the opportunity to present our work in many places around the world, in more than 15 countries. In the fall of 2019 we did our most world tour promoting The Learning Code science in Latin America and Asia (Mexico City, Mexico, Guangzhou China, Singapore, Auckland NZ, Sapporo and Tokyo Japan) setting up the launch for our first the Cracking The Learning Code book and online programs to reach 50 million teachers.

Here are some photos from the tour!

Our Partners

Thought Leaders Love the Learning Code

“In over 30 years of in business, much of it spent in exploring new communications methodologies, the principles of The Learning Code stand alone. The ground-breaking research that lead to the identification of this code has broken new boundaries in understanding and applying effective tools to enhance our learning and behavioral change abilities. What’s truly exciting is that The Learning Code has the real potential to forever transform the ability of educators, students, business people, and the individual to thrive in this age of the information explosion."
Neal Rohr
CEO of The Vermont Group & Founder GaGa Eatables
"The profound Learning Code knowledge about how to create sustainable change in organizations by understanding the biology of change has wholly transformed our perspective about how we implement change and why our initiatives have experienced resistance in the past. This new insight is a quantum leap in comprehending ‘what we need to do next’ when confronted with difficult change management issues. Implementing the scientific-based knowledge of the Learning Code has personally given me more power and peace in my life than I have ever experienced before. I would highly recommend this dramatic Learning Code approach to create organizational and personal change to any company that is genuinely committed to increasing employee productivity and joy by transforming the existing through science."
Tiffany Goode
Change Management Group and Turner Broadcasting/CNN/TNT
"The Learning Code is such a powerful tool it will become the cornerstone of the 'Sciences for Humanity.' It is the matching of neuroscience and genetics to human needs. The Code can be applied to disciplines such as training, education, leadership, creativity and innovation, marketing, and organizational and human behavior. Like the Intel chip, the Learning Code can quickly be implanted into any learning or behavior change program to make them state of the art. I would never consider doing anything related to marketing without deploying the cognitive and social principles of the Code."
George Moore
CEO of BoomCloud – Designing The World’s First 3D Social Media