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Introducing the Learning Code Team

The Learning Code Institute’s Operational and Advisory teams are passionately committed to the Noble Cause of transforming how the world learns, motivates and changes behaviors.

Amazing Team

Our experts hail from a diverse range of specialties and each provides invaluable perspectives on how to transform the world’s learning problems.

We all have a deep passion for helping others better understand how the science of learning can create a world where we can live more joyful, meaningful, and fulfilling lives.

Paul Janssen

Director of Operations

Once I read the manuscript Cracking The Learning Code, I immediately became a strong believer in the Institute’s initiative to transform how the world learns, motivates, and changes behaviors.  With my background in Biosciences, I saw the potential of how this science could transform the lives of people around the world with rapid and determined force.

I have held many international senior leadership positions in Big Pharma, Biosciences, and Medical Devices. More recently, I have enjoyed leading several startup companies in Biotech. In my last adventure, I took a company from market cap ~$50MM to over $1Billion.

After researching the market, I believe there is simply no other choice for our learning and world crises than The Learning Code. I recently spent a week with Tony Robbins at his Business Mastery Course. Here I “tested the water” with potential key investors; without exception, the feedback was overwhelming. All wanted more info on how to become stakeholders in this disruptive movement. After hearing JW on stage, meeting with him in person, and researching this science, I decided I wanted to be part of the Legacy that our team will bring to the world.

Sandy Draper

Managing Editor Book Division

I have been working in the publishing industry for 20-plus years and managed the editorial direction of more than 1,000 publications. During that time, I have worked with scores of prestigious publishers from Hay House UK, Amber Books, and Watkins Media to Penguin DK and HarperCollins.

My highly sought-after talent is being a “structure monkey,” elegantly pulling authors’ ideas and concepts together into cohesive works of art. I have managed virtually every element of the publishing process including directing copy, proofing, layout, and design, developing spinoff titles, managing backlists, producing contracts, creating marketing and cover copy, presenting new titles to sales teams, management, and book clubs, as well as commissioning extensive series of books and managing editorial teams.

I love focusing on authors like JW, who produce disruptive concepts that will not only make a difference in the world but also have the potential to become bestsellers. I have helped bestselling talents such as, Gillian Anderson (X-Files) and Jennifer Nadel (BBC investigative journalist), authors of WE: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere, John Parkin author of F**k It Therapy: The Profane Way to Profound Happiness, Ali Campbell (NLP expert), author of Just Get on With It: A Caring, Compassionate Kick Up the Ass! Dr. Nerina Ramlakhan (UK’s leading sleep expert) author of Fast Asleep, Wide Awake, as well as Steve Taylor who is highly esteemed by Eckart Tolle who wrote Back To Sanity, Healing the Madness of Mind, among other books.

I am excited to work with The Learning Code Institute’s 20-book launch. It is my sincere belief that the research and knowledge presented in the Cracking the Learning Code series will have a worldwide impact on book markets that range from learning and marketing to cultural transformation and addiction.

Denise Wolk

Director of Academic Research and Fact-Checking

For more than twenty years, I have been considered an authority in the national conversation about student-centered- teaching and learning. I am intensely passionate about employing grounded research to transform a severely broken educational system.

To that end, I have taken research leadership roles in the development of numerous transformational education projects, including state and district-based small high school projects, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the US Department of Education’s Smaller Learning Communities program, and collaborating with the National Association of Secondary School Principals, in the creation of Breaking Ranks II and Breaking Ranks in the Middle. These books were so impactful that they have been distributed to every middle and high school principal in the country. At Brown University, I co-authored the groundbreaking book Discover the Power of Advisories and was on the team that designed, implemented, and evaluated interventions for student-centered teaching and learning. I co-authored two other important books that are used in colleges of teacher education including the Harvard Graduate School of Education: The Personalized High School and Personalized Learning: Preparing High School Students to Create Their Futures. As a member of the Massachusetts Education Law Task Force and Youth Restoration Project, I help schools across New England to implement restorative justice practices. In addition, I lead a team of fact-checkers with Dr. David Kessler the former director of the FDA and Director of the Yale Medical School for his controversial book A Question of Intent.

I see the profound science of The Learning Code as the linchpin in creating educational systems that can help us build a world where people live fulfilling and meaningful lives.

Michael Schmidt

PhD, Chief Scientific Advisor

Michael focuses on the scientific basis of learning, motivation, and behavioral change. His highly respected work on learning and peak performance spans the U.S. military (Delta Force, West Point), NASA, U.S. Olympic teams, NFL, NBA, and other elite performers. Michael’s formal training includes a Ph.D. in molecular medicine and a second Ph.D. in neuroscience. He also worked with the Golden State Warriors on advanced molecular profiling/personalized medicine solutions for the team, which they credit for much of their success in becoming NBA champions.

David Baur-Ray

Director of Digital Marketing

I’m considered one of Colorado’s leading digital marketing strategist, who also has an entrepreneurial vision. Because of our proprietary NX method, the current average growth rate for the companies I have directed averages a market-leading 183% ROI ($183 dollars for every marketing dollar invested) within an average of 6-months.

Because of our unique strategies, we can create this extraordinary return at an estimated 1/10 of the advertising budget that my competitors are spending. My superpower revolves around delivering innovative strategies that take start-ups as well as stagnating companies to new levels of growth, quickly and cost-effectively. The secret to our success is finding the hidden competitive advantage(s) in the market and communicating that to the people in a specific market who not only deeply care about a product or service but have the means and will to buy.

The Learning Code has expanded this skillset 10-fold leading to a 600% increase in our own business within 4 months of implementation. This science reveals the blueprint to the human mind providing our team with the master code to reach our target market at meaningful levels. The Learning Code creates a methodology that taps into the meaning and purpose of our lives.  It understands what drives humanities’ purchasing decisions by combining personal spirituality with science and intellectual prowess.

 This science has also helped me embed mindfulness and meditation into my daily routine, supporting me to feel more peace and stillness in my business and personal life. What a gift!

Jerry Nihen

Director of Website Development/Strategic Planning

I’ve been running our internet marketing, website design, and custom software company for 10 years. We consider ourselves leaders in specialized service-based and regulated software development, unique bespoke (custom) website design, and metrics-based internet marketing.

Our software powers over $150 million in annual revenue for companies in insurance, consulting, and eCommerce. Our market advantage is our ability to create standardized systems that radically outperform market norms for reliability and performance.

We believe The Learning Code science is very significant because it is the ‘Missing Piece” of web design, marketing, and Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) systems. This neurological science is so valuable that we are inserting it into a disruptive project management program we are developing that better solves complicated problems for corporate America.

Ann Gray

Queen of Social Media

I am an “A” student in studying the innovations and advancements in the ever-changing world of social media.

My strengths are developing strategies and campaigns while vigorously implementing them so that they create the magic that dramatically increases sales for organizations.

My first experience of applying The Learning Code Science to my own brand was an increase in sales of over 1200% in the first 90 days. I see this neurological science as forever transforming the landscape of how the world markets and brands products and services.

In addition, and maybe more importantly, being a parent who homeschooled her child, I understand how broken the educational system is and how The Learning Code will radically change things.  My association with The Learning Code Institute is also allowing me to begin the journey to living the life of financial freedom I have always dreamed of.

Brian Doubleday

Director of Video Production

I have produced over 2000 films and videos, won an Emmy for the television series, Venturing and was a producer on the critically acclaimed movie Instinct, starring Anthony Hopkins and Cuba Gooding Jr.

My gift is taking complex concepts and simplifying them into video content.

I have always had a sincere desire to change the world, and have produced numerous projects (Worldwalker, The World Anthem, etc.). My goals are to increase international understanding and promote world peace. Therefore, The Learning Code is ‘spot on’ for my personal mission and talents.

The Learning Code science now helps my team produce video content that is dramatically more impactful because it more effectively accesses the Meaning Network of viewers. In addition, I have taken science and developed a worldwide interviewing production company.

On a personal level, the science has led me on a path of meditation and mindfulness that has transformed my view of the world such that I experience more joy, peace, and fulfillment in my life.

Mark Reardon

Chief Learning Officer

Mark is recognized as a pioneer and innovator in the field of accelerated learning. In addition to having been a teacher, principal, and education consultant, Mark was recently the Chief Learning Officer for one of the most prestigious accelerated learning organizations in the world, the Quantum Learning Network. He helped propel the growth of the company, where 77,000 students have now taken the summer accelerated learning program called SuperCamp. In addition, 70,000 teachers worldwide have taken their education programs, and it is estimated this has impacted more than 10 million children.

Ryan Mitchel

Director of Seminar Productions (North America)

Ryan co-leads one of North America’s leading seminar companies, The Power of Success, which promotes market leaders and motivational speakers such as Tony Robbins, Bill Clinton, Steve Harvey, The Wolf of Wall Street, Bob Proctor, Robert Kiyosaki, and Sir Richard Branson.  His audience size averages 5000 people.

In addition, Ryan is committed to making a difference in the world.  He is a highly esteemed social entrepreneur and innovator.  Ryan purchased a windmill manufacturing company, formerly owned by Warren Buffet, and developed a portable water purifying system that is so small and mobile that it can be sent anywhere in the world and set up in less than a day.  He also has led school orphanage and home construction efforts for the underprivileged in Kenya, Barbados, Haiti, Cuba, and Mexico City.

John Brice

Marketing Advisor

John is an internationally recognized media entrepreneur and marketing executive.  After helping drive sales at the Chicago Sun-Times and the Chicago Tribune, he became the National Sales Manager at the renowned Advertising Age magazine and later became Publisher of Creativity, the ad industry’s #1 publication for creative directors. He purchased Campus Publisher and repositioned it into the largest national publisher of Official University Guide magazines, websites, and mobile apps in the country.  He loves to tell stories of his tenure as a board member of the Advertising Club of New York and his four years spent publishing the daily newspaper at the International Cannes Advertising Festival.

Danielle M Miller

Marketing Copy Writer/Brand Strategy

I am a master at helping entrepreneurs captivate, connect, and clarify their message to build highly irresistible and profitable brands. Using my proprietary Archetypal Brand Advantage framework, I have worked with over 500 authors and entrepreneurs to tell their brand story and get their message out to the people they want to impact and influence.

I’m a ‘fixer’ both personally and professionally, and I consider my superpower to be taking good ideas and seeing the opportunity to make them great.

Understanding and applying The Learning Code neuroscience has significantly deepened my expertise in helping clients powerfully connect with their audience and build brands that stand the test of time…giving them the tools to create deep impact and lasting legacies.

With an extensive background in education and learning, it has been transformational for me to implement the science behind The Learning Code to achieve more than I ever thought possible for myself and my clients.

Philip A. Streit

Chief Financial Officer

Phil has over thirty years of Executive/Management level public accounting and corporate finance experience, including four years as CFO for Imaginal Education, which is related to Master’s Academy, one of the top schools in North America that also utilizes The Learning CodeHe has been CFO/COO for three media companies, NVC, Inc., The Employment News, and Melrose Entertainment, as well as CFO or Executive Consultant for companies, such as Arrowhead Industries, Gart Sports, The Mountain Corporation, and Diamond Crystal Specialty Foods.  Additionally, he has been CFO of JCIT, Inc. an international business education company as well as CFO of TTI, Inc., an international and publicly-traded company. His expertise also includes consulting numerous startups, as well as the co-founder of four startup companies, the largest with sales in excess of $70 million.  Phil is a U.S. Navy veteran working with the Diving Department of the USS Ortolan and Top-Secret Control CINCPACFLT.