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JW Wilson

Founder/Executive Director: The Learning Code Institute

JW Wilson is the Executive Director of The Learning Code Institute, a world-leading organization that researches, develops, and implements scientific-based learning and behavioral change programs.  Mr. Wilson is also the author of the book Cracking the Learning Code, the culmination of over 30 years of scientific research into how to accelerate the speed of learning and the rate of behavioral change.

The research is a quantum leap in understanding how we learn, motivate, and change behaviors. A key finding is that in each one of us has 20,000 genes, and 6000 direct all of our brain’s functions.   A large percentage of these genes must be turned on (activated) by the correct environmental stimulus at the correct time before you can create long-term memory, motivation, or lasting behavioral change.   If the genes in your Learning Code are not turned on, you can study for hundreds of hours and memorize thousands of things (as you did in school) but in the end, remember very little.

The research that leads to the deciphering of the Learning Code was derived from the fields of neuroscience, genetics, molecular biology, evolutionary biology, quantum physics, complexity science, and chaos theory and include the works of eminent scientists, such as Gerald Edelman, Candace Pert, Joseph LeDoux, Theodosius Dobzhansky, and Antonio Damasio.  JW’s passion, in fact, his life’s work, is to bring this essential knowledge to the world.

JW has presented The Learning Code to organizations, such as the Mayo Clinic, Turner Broadcasting, The Rich Dad Organization, the Deming Institute, seminar organizations for speakers like Bill Clinton and Tony Robbins, the group which conducts leadership training for NASA, the UN and the National Institutes of Health, as well as to governments, business leaders and educational institutions in Nigeria, Columbia, Finland, Peru, Estonia, and Brazil.

In addition, The Learning Code science is now being used at Masters Academy in Calgary, Alberta, Canada to help create the first school system in the world based on neurobiology. Here the learning now takes 20% less time, standardized test scores are 400% higher than the Province’s average, and because the learning systems match the students’ biology, behavioral problems have been virtually eliminated. The Institute is also very involved in applying the latest scientific research to create new methodologies to help heal Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in adults and children. This work is being done at the nation’s first residential treatment center for Wounded Warriors and the first school system in the world to support children who live in poverty and/or have parents who are addicted to drugs, are in jail or have abandoned them.

JW’s business expertise has helped him develop over 25 different start-ups including Media Networks, The Veterinary Institute of Integrative Medicine and Insulite Health. He owned the largest media marketing development firm in the Pacific. He has developed the country’s only holistic treatment center accredited by the prestigious Joint Hospital Commission. He has been a strategic partner with Time Warner Cable, a co-founder of Convention Television Network, developed a major Joint Venture with Nippon Golden Network and has produced over 1000 TV shows, videos, and commercials. JW is also the founder of one of the first high technology Green Screen studios in the country.