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Our Strategic Partnerships

Our partners align well with our noble cause and integrate the learning code in their organization and operations.

NX: Neural Experience

From Head to Heart, Our Goal is to Help Your Brand Connect with Your Customers on a Deeper, More Meaningful Level

Every company seeks to build higher engagement with their customers, yet they have little-to-no insight on how their customers’ brains actually work, what’s most meaningful to them, or much less, how to truly create a biological change within their neurobiology. We fill this gap by integrating our team of trained neuromarketing experts, brand creators, copywriters, web, and software developers to create a biologically optimized user experience (NX) within your brand. From branding to user interface we create a deeper, more meaningful experience that better connects your customer to your brand, not just to drive your revenue, but to open the pathways of communicating the meaning and purpose of your brand to the people that matter most — your customers.

Final Cycles

Our planet is covered in plastic garbage. Since the 1950s more than 9 billion tons of plastic has been produced, of which over 6 billion tons has ended up in our natural environment or buried in landfills. Recycling efforts across the globe have failed to solve this crisis. However, there is a real solution. To take an uncompromising leadership role in creating a world-wide grassroots campaign in every community to achieve a critical mass of awareness and action in order to end the plastic waste crisis that is destroying our ecosystems and threatening the future survival of all life on the planet. We used The Learning Code science and the assistance of the Learning Code Institute to write and design our audio visual presentations in order to gain more traction with our target audience. This made the impact of our work much more impactful and enhanced the receptivity of our target audience.

Green Zone Culture Group

Green Zone Culture Group is an international consulting firm focused on the human side of business. We strive to ensure teams are collaborative, trust-based, and emotionally committed to the organizations mission. Our programs are designed to enhance self-awareness and communications skills, thereby reducing defensiveness, workplace tension, and inefficiency. When people feel respected, valued, and truly part of a team, they are more willing to go above and beyond for the group which increases moral, productivity, and team cohesion. It's simply not enough to just focus on process reorganization. Businesses are powered by human commitment and there is a way tap each individuals potential using brain-based methodologies and experiential training.