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Neurogenetics of Business Development

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Each Organization Has Its Own Unique DNA. What Is Yours?

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The Learning Code Institute has found that in our complex world, where the information doubling rate is estimated to be once every 18 months, trying to implement cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all solution to an organizational challenge does not work.

Think of all the change initiatives and new ways to do business, market and manage people that have been introduced into your organization and other companies
…and how few have really worked? They never seem to live up to expectations. This is why new ones get introduced
every year. (Think “flavor of the month” like the One Minute Manager and Who Moved My Cheese)

Why not? Because the “one size fits all” mechanistic approach, fails to take into account that every organization has its own unique biology. It can be said that each organization has inherited or created its own exclusive configuration of genetics that has allowed it to survive in the market up to this point.

At the Institute, we have found that if new initiatives do not “fit” the unique DNA of an organization then that organization cannot effectively adopt new initiatives, and therefore, they will not thrive.

Working with the Neurogenetics of Business Development together we will uncover your organization’s unique DNA and develop effective initiatives that can optimize it or alter it so that the change, growth, sales and the impact you want to make in the world will be realized.


How To Prepare for Neurogenetics of Business Development

In preparation for our meeting, we ask only that your management team answer the following questions.

  • What are the 3-5 most meaningful things in life for each member of your management team?
  • What are the 5 things that are most meaningful to your organization’s culture?

  • What 5 things are most meaningful to your customer/audience
  • Why?

  • What are the 3- 5 greatest strengths of your management team?
  • What are the 3-5 greatest weaknesses of your management team?

  • What are the 3-5 greatest strengths of your organization?
  • What are the 3-5 greatest weaknesses of your organization?

The key for our time together is to keep stress levels low so we can make the selection of this importation of new knowledge faster and the behavioral change from it more permanent. This is why before we meet, we ask that you do nothing other than answer these questions and come prepared to transform your paradigms around how businesses are best developed, grown, marketed, and branded.

JW Wilson
Executive Director
The Learning Code Institute
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