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The Neurogenetics of Cultural Transformation

How To Use Science To Transform Cultures

From the start, it is critical to know this fact: from a scientific viewpoint, people will only change behaviors when there is a biological change within them. Trying to transform culture or implement a change initiative without understanding the underlying biological mechanisms that create transformation can make the whole process a very difficult and unsatisfying endeavor.

Once you understand some of the science behind what causes the cultural change you will very clearly see why so many of our organizational change initiatives have failed.

The Neurogenetics of Cultural Transformation, based on The Learning Code Science, is designed not only to give management teams a clear and easy understanding of the underlying science of cultural change but also to give them specific action steps they can take to more effectively implement the transformations they are trying to create.

The Science of Behavior Change

You must be willing to accept the following disruptive scientific fact: All of your behaviors are dictated by the existing structure of your neural tissue. To change your behaviors, you must change the structure of your neural tissue.

We act the way we do in life because the configuration of our neural tissue prompts us to do so. The only way to change the way we manage, play golf, make love, lose weight, use technology or communicate with others is to change the existing configuration of our neural tissue. While Gandhi had little understanding of neuroscience, he was right when he said, “Those people who want to change the world must first change themselves.”

Since any culture or business is made up of individual people, changing the culture must start with changing the neurological structures of the individuals within the culture. The Neurogenetics of Cultural Transformation will show you how to create this biological change.

The information presented here will forever alter your paradigm about how you can successfully create change in culture.

The Neurogenetics of Cultural Transformation You Will Learn:

  1. What you are not aware of…you are a slave to
  2. Why giving people information does not cause transformation
  3. How management teams can accidentally and unconsciously create cultures where people are biologically inclined to resist change!
  4. The power of the Noble Cause
  5. How to identify what “tribe” (state of mind) your culture is in    Once identified, how to shift the “tribal mindset”
  6. What the “Downshifted” neurological states are and how they create aggressive and avoidant cultures?
  7. How to create “Upshifted” neurological states so that systems thinking,   emotional stability, innovation, and cooperation naturally dominate.
  8. Why the Meaning Network of an individual must be activated before they will be willing to be part of a new cultural change.
  9. How understanding the power of Mirror Neurons can accelerate cultural transformation Why the Implementation Team for must be seen as Alpha Influencers
  10. The difference between extrinsic motivation and intrinsic motivation and which one will more easily facilitate long-lasting culture change
  11. Why company goals can’t stand alone….and what they must be attached to in order to get people to willingly achieve them
  12. Why Change Teams must look at themselves as Marketing Teams in order to get buy-in from their target audience

And much more…..

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