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The Neurogenetics of Marketing

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The Neurogenetics of Marketing, Branding, and Sales

Marketing, Branding, and Sales––how many millions, if not billions, of dollars, are wasted every year on marketing and branding campaigns that completely miss the mark? It’s happened to you and everyone else, even the Googles and Apples of the world. For 30 years the Learning Code Institute has been studying the link between behavior and biology, and we have finally discovered the neurological and biological triggers that lead us to the choices people make.

How To Use Science To Get Customers For Life!

It is critical from the start to know this fact: from a scientific viewpoint, people will only respond to your sales and marketing efforts when there is an actual neurological change within them. This course will teach you how people’s behaviors are dictated by their existing brain structures and how to transform these structures so your sales efforts give you the results you demand.

I am going to greatly simplify the following for easier digestion of this complicated science: a buying decision can only be made by a potential customer when their brain shifts from one chemical state to another. This shift can and must be orchestrated in such a manner that they focus their attention and personal meaning on the offer.

This biological viewpoint provides us with a new way to examine what we are doing in marketing and sales messaging.  The main job of marketing is to deliver information in a way that creates neurochemical change in your buyer.  Our scientific approach gives you profound insight into what works and what doesn’t. And helps you refine your existing marketing programs so they work more effectively.

Information Does NOT Cause Transformation

The key phrase to remember is: “Information Does NOT Cause Transformation.”

A good example of this is the fact that everyone knows calories make you fat, yet 60% of us are overweight!  That statement alone does not create enough biological activation in people to create the behavioral change that will drive them to alter their behaviors (in this case changing their diet).  For information to cause transformation in the buyer, it must be delivered in a manner that creates neurochemical change.

Today many companies get caught thinking that just because they have delivered information to the potential buyer, they have adequately done their marketing/branding job. However, as far as our biology is concerned, nothing could be further from the truth.

If our marketing, branding, copywriting, video or sales efforts are not creating real biological change in the receiver, we are, in effect, wasting our time. The words or pictures may be pretty, but the question that needs to be asked is, “Are they causing the kind brain changes in the potential buyer … that will lead them to become a long-term customer?”

The best way to get a grasp of how this fascinating science can transform business and increase sales to see what people are saying about this scientific approach to learning, motivation, and marketing

What People Are Saying

About The Leaning Code Science and The Neurogenetics of Marketing, Branding and Sales Matrix

Power of Success

After integrating The Learning Code Science into our copy and website, we have seen a phenomenal 1000% increase in response rates for our social media services! We are now SWAMPED with invitations for work. We can’t tell you how grateful we are.

Purpose of

The Neurogenetics of Marketing, Branding and Sales Matrix

The purpose of this interactive program is to help organizations do in 6 hours that which can often take months to complete. Once you understand The Neurogenetics of Marketing, Branding and Sales Matrix you will understand why so many companies fail to ever effectively market and position themselves.

This is a 3 part program.

Part 1 consists of a presentation on the neuroscience, genetic and biological science behind the process of marketing, branding, and sales, what works and how to implement it.

Part 2 consists of what we call the Meaning Matrix where we discover first what is most Meaningful to us as a company…. and then… second, what is most Meaningful to our customers. Where the 2 “Meanings” come together gives us a better understanding of what our brand should be… and it helps us refine how we present it. This section is so transformational because it supports your staff to use the “words that work” all your copy.

Part 3 consists of a Brain Storming Session where we put together all we have learned from parts 1 and 2. This is where we discuss wrapping what we just learned into our “Higher Purpose” or “Nobel Cause”. The reason we do this is to stimulate the prefrontal areas of the brain. This will allow your customers to see what your organization truly stands for and stimulate a desire in them to be part of something bigger than themselves.

This more conscious approach to what we do and why we do it also provides the added benefit of giving your employees a stronger attachment and commitment to your organizational mission. The research shows a commitment like has the added benefit of supporting and streamlining the implementation of management initiatives.

In addition, Part 3 is where we consciously develop our competitive band distinction as “A Disruptive Innovator”. These are the kinds of innovations that transform paradigms and markets by adding value at dramatic higher levels. Once you become seen as a “Disruptive Innovator” the market spreads the “word” for you. These are the kind of ideas that turbocharge your Public Relations strategies and helps spread your brand quickly on social media. Your marketing becomes viral.

Who Should Go To This Course?

 We suggest that you select strategic people from the Marketing and Sales Departments as well as High-Level Management. We often suggest people from other departments like finance and technology take part. This is because everyone perceives “Who we are” as a company, from different viewpoints. We want to embrace or at least be aware of those diverse viewpoints as we develop a brand position that defines and distinguishes us as the leader in our field in comparison to our competitors.

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