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Use Neuroscience to Accelerate Your Child's Homeschool Education with Ease

Introducing Your Most Powerful Homeschool Learning Tool of the 21st Century, "Cracking The Learning Code for Homeschool Parents".

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It is our sincere belief that once you have an understanding of the underlying principles of how to activate your child’s Learning Code, it becomes very easy to apply these principles to what you would like your child to learn. You and your child will find yourselves joyfully and effortlessly immersed in the learning process!

This course is like no other learning course in the world. Based on the ideas in our ground-breaking book, Cracking the Learning Code, many experts believe this multi-week protocol will forever change how information is delivered on the web. We have created our courses to biologically and seamlessly dovetail with the curriculum you are teaching your child, no matter what their age or grade, so that it makes your job as a homeschool parent much less stressful, and much more fulfilling.

Whether you are a full time or part time homeschool parent, this homeschool stuff is not easy. Guiding yourself and your child through the maze of helping them learn at home can create intense challenges for you and the rest of your family.

Click the video at the top of the page to see how you can enhance your child’s homeschool learning using The Learning Code, and how implementing this science through short 3-7 minute daily modules can help you build a stronger bond with your child that lasts a lifetime!

We’ve developed an online training course that teaches you how to easily apply our groundbreaking Learning Code 24 scientific discovery into your homeschool curriculum so you can learn how to accelerate your child’s learning capacity and inspire behavior change in your kid’s lives.​

Homeschooling is a lifestyle, and often a heroes' journey.​

It goes beyond just planning courses – you are helping your children to learn HOW they learn, and turn on the love of learning. We’re here to help you make this journey more impactful and joyful for both you and your child, using Cracking the Learning Code for Homeschool Parents.

As a homeschool parent, nobody understands your child as well as you, and nobody cares as much about their success. Now imagine if you understood how your child’s neurobiology works and were able to apply certain education methods rooted in neuroscience that could create more effective learning and behavior change to not only enhance their learning capacity, but improve your relationships with your kids and learn how to live a more meaningful life as a parent?

That’s precisely what Cracking the Learning Code for Homeschool Parents empowers you to do. Introducing our revolutionary discovery called of “The Learning Code 24” into a 52-week online course.

We can help you create a better biological impact and inspire true learning and behavior change, while improving your relationship with your child, both as their parent and their teacher, using our 52-week transformative online program  that we guarantee will accelerate your child’s learning.

Do you want to be the best teacher for your child possible? If so, don't you think you should have a good understanding of how their brain naturally learns?

We provide you with the tools to do this.

Traditional Education Methods are Largely Ineffective - from a Biological Lens

The TRUTH is, remote education platforms and traditional homeschooling curriculum don’t typically integrate new discoveries in neurobiology into their lesson plans very well, and have become largely ineffective in biologically creating learning and behavior change.

Just because your child passes a test doesn’t mean they’ve actually learned, biologically. If there is no cellular or structural change in their brain, then there can be no learning or behavioral change in life. Remote education and traditional homeschooling practices don’t create learning and behavior change because they are rooted in outmoded ways of education and fail to understand how the human brain actually learns.

Together, we can change that for the children of our world.

Are You Noticing Any of These Issues in Your Homeschool Endeavors?​

Your child…

  • Won’t listen to you because you’re their parent?
  • Not performing to their potential?
  • Bored and not challenged enough?
  • Has a hard time staying engaged and sitting in-front of a computer?
  • Doesn’t understand the importance of the curriculum you teach?
  • Procrastinates or doesn’t finish their assignments on time, and would rather do anything else but complete their homework?
  • Frequently drops-out of online courses?

Are you feeling?

  • Unprepared and overwhelmed to teach your kid(s) curriculum?
  • You don’t have enough time to balance being a parent, educator, IT support and professional at the same time?
  • Your child isn’t taking enough initiative in their education and not caring enough?
  • Frustrated with your kid’s lack of desire to learn or care?
  • Worried your child is falling behind his or her peers?
  • Your child is incredibly gifted but not sure how to best accelerate their ability without burning them out?
  • Overwhelmed trying to balance both teacher and parent duties?

Our Cracking the Learning Code for Homeschool Parents teaches you how to create positive behavior change, accelerate learning, and find more meaning and purpose in life for a brighter future for both you and your child(ren).


Remember: Information Alone Does Not Create Transformation

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"As a classroom teacher for students with behavioral and addictions issues for over twenty years, I have come to realize that our children are dying in their desks. The methods used today to teach are not working for the masses. If we want to empower people to take control and transform their lives, we have to “Crack The Learning Code”. J.W. Wilson and The Learning Code Institute has done exactly that, and I believe every educator and coach in the world needs to adopt these scientific-based methods."
Tim Artemenko,
Classroom Teacher + Coach, Author – Basketball: Basics & Beyond, Co Author-National Coaching Certification Program Canada

We've discovered 6,000 genes that influence learning and have developed a simplified course that teaches you how to easily apply our discovery to your existing homeschooling curriculum and accelerate your child's learning in 52-weeks.

What You Need to Know About the Cracking the Learning Code of Homeschooling Parents Course

We know you’re busy! Which is why we designed an online course neurally optimized to keep you better engaged and designed to fit inside your incredibly busy schedule:


  • 52 LEARNING MODULES – Delivered weekly on any device
  • SPEND ONLY 3-7 MINUTES OF BRIEF LEARNING A DAY – Easy to learn installments for best neural engagement with your already busy schedule
  • A CUSTOMIZED LEARNING MANAGEMENT DASHBOARD – optimized to maximize your learning on all devices
  • THE CRACKING THE LEARNING CODE BOOK INCLUDED – You have the option for both print or get a downloadable companion that’s full of supplementary information that accompanies your courseware.
  • Practical applications that incorporates all 24 “Learning Code Triggers” that we have identified for switching on the natural biology of learning. You’ll learn exactly how to apply each of these triggers in the learning environment.
  • You’ll tap into the organic, neurobiological basis of how your kids naturally learns, which the fundamental critical piece that is missing from 99% of education today.
  • You’ll be invited to join our private Facebook group filled with other Homeschool Parents who are also taking the course for mutual support and resources.
  • At the end of 52-weeks, you’ll have mastered the Learning Code for yourself, and perhaps more importantly, you will have made a difference in positively transforming your kid’s homeschool education for the better.

Our objective is to use the Learning Code Science to gently guide you through this maze of learning complexity, so you can achieve 3 main goals.


  1. Help your children learn to love learning so they can start self-directing their own learning process, which will allow them to lead more fulfilling and meaningful lives, not only as children but also as they become adults.
  2. Strengthen the loving bond between you and your child so together you can have a deep, caring, joyful and meaningful relationship throughout your whole lives.
  3. And as a bonus, we want you to use The Learning Code science to support your own personal growth, to have more tools so you can add more value not only to your child’s life, but to your life, your work and the world.

We made it easy to start your journey.


  1. Click here to start your enrollment
  2. Choose your workbook medium (physical copy or ebook)
  3. Once your enrollment is complete, you will receive an orientation video to get you started.
  4. Watch the orientation video and follow the prompts
  5. You will then be sent one learning module a week

The Course Curriculum


  • How to focus the love you have for your kid(s) as a parent to become a more effective teacher
  • How to incorporate real world learning experiences into our homeschool curriculum
  • Understand the various processes of learning and how information, action, feedback, and incubation best work together
  • Understand the biology and genetics that activate the brain’s meaning network and inspire the motivation that enhances learning and behavior change
  • How to apply the Hebbian Learning Rule to maximize firing of neurons in the brain for optimal learning
  • How to integrate the Mirror Neuron System
  • Understand the neurobiological cycle of transformation and behavior change
  • How to frame concepts before details to accelerate comprehension
  • How to best utilize working memory
  • Understand how frames of minds can enhance learning
  • How to use Activator Modules to activate your brain structures to apply what is taught to real world applications
  • How to keep the learner’s brains in focused forced-attentive wave states to keep kid(s) on task
  • How to avoid information overload and integrate repetition to apply balanced repetition
  • How to teach your kid(s) to be Quick Adapters of new information, which is key to being successful in our information-heavy world
  • Understand intrinsic v. extrinsic motivation so you can keep the learner in an ideal learning state
  • How to implant Conscious Access Triggers to enhance your child’s recollection ability
  • The importance of creating novelty in learning
  • How to orchestrate alpha and theta waves to create better long term memory
  • How to integrate hot networks to make information more valuable to the learner
  • How immediate and intense feedback enhances learning
  • Understand the 11 Biological Intelligences of Learners – which one applies to your child(ren)
  • How to create the optimal learning environment
  • How to create Optimal Learning Stress to accelerate learning
  • How to balance complexity with linearity to not overwhelm the brain
  • How to apply the same Learning Code 24 principals to your own life, beyond homeschooling
The two free lessons will give you a feel for how the protocol is taught and how we can help you homeschool better.

Start the process here – no credit card required

Monthly Plan: $24.99/mo

Yearly Plan: One Time Payment of $199

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee: We are so confident in the power of Cracking the Learning Code for Teachers that if you are not beyond satisfied we’ll refund every penny.

Understanding How Your Child's Human Mind Biologically Learns through Cracking the Learning Code for Homeschool Parents is a Powerful Paradigm Shift that will FOREVER Change the Way You Prepare Your Homeschool Curriculum

Here's what the EXPERTS are saying about our 52-week online course...

“....the Learning Code is bringing about a sea of change. Universities and research centers around the world have focused on narrow aspects of learning and how to improve it, but no one had pulled all of that information together to build a powerful, comprehensive and breakthrough method for accelerating learning — until now. The Learning Code embodies the best scientific research on learning and behavior change.”
Paul Kordis, Ph.D.
Best-selling author of Strategy of the Dolphin, Name Your Passion: A User’s Guide to Finding Your Personal Purpose, and The Superhighway to Serfdom: How False-Social- Norms Marketing is Hijacking the American Dream

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve uncovered over 6,000 genes that biologically effect our ability to learn. We’ve simplified how to maximize our learning capacity into 24 basic codes on how to improve the human learning capacity. 

Learn more about the Learning Code-24 >

If you are not satisfied with your course? Contact us within 14-days and we will refund your money, no questions asked.

No worries! You can pick up where you left off.

This is course is completely self-guided and the ability to pause is actually part of the learning process.

We offer course support through the collaborative private Learning Code for Homeschoolers Facebook group and a comment section in the learning dashboard. Where you will be able to interact with the support team and others taking the same protocol.

No Worries! You can set your course on vacation mode and pause the protocol. When you are ready to begin again, you will be able to pick-up where you left off.

However, all progress will be lost if you choose to unsubscribe to the course.