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'Cracking the Sales Code' Debuts, Fueling Business Empowerment on a Global Scale

Mastery of Learning - Fuels Sales Success

Empowering businesses worldwide, our mission at ‘Cracking the Sales Code,’ founded by JW Wilson of the Learning Code Institute, is to revolutionize the sales landscape through the fusion of neuroscience, psychology, and cognitive science.  We are dedicated to equipping sales professionals and organizations with innovative strategies and evidence-based practices that foster authentic connections, drive meaningful engagement, and maximize sales success in the modern marketplace. By harnessing the power of human potential and understanding the intricacies of the learning process, we strive to redefine the sales experience, empower individuals to thrive, and shape a future where commerce is driven by empathy, authenticity, and sustainable growth.

"Most of the problems in our world start with our outdated and inefficient learning systems. The Learning Code opens our eyes to what went wrong and how to use the latest science to fix things. This research is a game changer for our world!"
Robert Kiyosaki
Best Selling Author Rich Dad Poor Dad
JW Wilson’s visionary leadership extends beyond the realms of education into the domain of commerce with the creation of ‘Cracking the Sales Code,’ a groundbreaking initiative by the Learning Code Institute. Founded on the principles of neuroscience, psychology, and cognitive science, this endeavor seeks to revolutionize not only how individuals learn but also how businesses sell and succeed in the modern marketplace.

Drawing upon decades of research and innovation, JW Wilson has orchestrated a paradigm shift in sales strategies, empowering entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and organizations to unlock their full potential. By understanding the intricate workings of the human brain and behavior, ‘Cracking the Sales Code’ offers a transformative approach that transcends traditional sales methodologies.

At the core of this initiative lies a commitment to leveraging neurobiological insights to enhance the sales process for both sellers and buyers. Through personalized communication strategies, emotional engagement techniques, and evidence-based practices, ‘Cracking the Sales Code’ empowers sales professionals to build authentic connections, foster trust, and drive meaningful engagement with their customers.

Behind the Curtain: A VIP Preview

We’re thrilled to have you here, ready to embark on an extraordinary journey into the world of sales mastery. As pioneers in leveraging cutting-edge learning methodologies and neurobiological insights, we’re excited to offer you an exclusive opportunity to get a sneak peek into some of our most captivating learning adventure modules.

Innovator in Sales Excellence

JW Wilson’s holistic vision encompasses not only the optimization of sales performance but also the empowerment of individuals and businesses to thrive in an ever-evolving marketplace. By integrating the principles of learning science into sales training and development programs, ‘Cracking the Sales Code’ equips sales teams with the knowledge, skills, and mindset they need to adapt, innovate, and succeed in today’s competitive landscape.

As a result of JW Wilson’s pioneering efforts, ‘Cracking the Sales Code’ is not just changing how businesses sell – it’s revolutionizing the entire sales ecosystem, redefining the relationship between sellers and buyers, and paving the way for a future where commerce is driven by authenticity, empathy, and human connection. With ‘Cracking the Sales Code,’ JW Wilson is transforming not only how the world learns but also how it sells, shaping a brighter future for individuals, businesses, and society as a whole.

“We are one of North America’s leading seminar companies for market leaders and motivational speakers like Tony Robbins, Bill Clinton, Steve Harvey, Bob Proctor, and Sir Richard Branson. I can tell you that The Learning Code science is like the Intel Chip. Implant it into any transformational program and you will see an astounding advance in the speed of learning and the depth of behavior change. It is a game changer for our industry.”
Ryan Mitchell
President-Director Power of Success One of North America's Leading Seminar Companies

We Drive Global Sales Transformation


The launch of “Cracking the Sales Code” is set to make a big impact on sales worldwide. Using the latest findings from brain science and psychology, we’re changing the way people sell things. Our approach focuses on being real, understanding others’ feelings, and making genuine connections. By teaching sales teams these skills, we’re helping them build trust with customers all over the globe.

But it’s not just about selling more stuff. We’re also helping businesses adapt and grow in a fast-paced world. By encouraging a culture of learning and innovation, we’re giving companies the tools they need to succeed, no matter what challenges come their way.

As more people get on board with our approach, we expect to see big changes in how sales are done. From small startups to big companies, everyone can benefit from a more empathetic, customer-focused way of selling.

In short, “Cracking the Sales Code” isn’t just a program—it’s a movement. By promoting honesty, empathy, and always learning more, we’re helping salespeople everywhere redefine what success looks like and create a better future for sales around the world.

“The Cracking The Learning Code series will have as profound and long-lasting an impact on the book market as the For Dummies series has had.”
Danielle Voirol
Former Senior Editor for over 90 “For Dummies” books - Wiley and Sons

We Transform Marketing and Branding

Why don’t customers purchase your products? Why don’t customers remember your products even after they’ve seen your marketing messages again and again? Why do your customers jump from brand to brand instead of picking yours and staying with it? What is going on inside the heads of your potential customers?

The Learning Code transforms how companies market, position, and brand themselves. From a scientific viewpoint, your potential customers become paying customers only when their brains shift from one chemical state to another. In this context, we see that the REAL job of marketing and sales is to deliver information in a way that creates neurochemical change in the buyer’s brain. This more biological approach gives companies and individuals profound insights, allowing them to refine their marketing so it produces the biochemical changes in potential customers that can lead to substantial returns.

“The Learning Code describes how to acquire new knowledge in a way that promotes affirmative action. That’s why learning science is fundamental to marketing success—and the better the science, the better the results. As a practitioner and educator in the marketing field for some 30 years, I can report that the impact of the Learning Code is transformative. This technology is the key to “active learning,” where marketing and education intersect. If you want people to not only get the information but act on it, you have to master the Learning Code. For the savvy professional, owning the Code means owning the market.”

–  Jon Ward Branding: Award-Winning Brand Designer, Co-founder of Click for Clients Marketing, and Strategic Marketing Consultant for organizations including The Learning Company, The Rich Dad Organization, and Del Web

We Transform the DNA of Your Business

The “one size fits all” mechanistic approach to change management and sales and marketing fails to consider that every organization has its own unique biology. It can be said that each organization has inherited or created its own exclusive configuration of genetics that has allowed it to survive in the market up to this point. At the Institute, we have found that if new initiatives do not “fit” the unique DNA of an organization then that organization cannot effectively adopt new initiatives.


Working together with the Neurogenetics of Business Development we uncover your organization’s unique DNA and develop initiatives which can optimize it or alter it so that the change, growth, sales and the impact you want to make in the world will be realized.


Today many companies get caught thinking that just because they have delivered information to the potential buyer, they have adequately done their marketing/branding job. However, as far as our biology is concerned, nothing could be further from the truth.

If your marketing, branding, copywriting, video or sales efforts are not creating real biological change in the receiver, you are, in effect, wasting your time. The words or pictures may be pretty, but the question that needs to be asked is, “Are they causing the kind biological change in the potential buyer that will lead them to become a long-term customer?”

We Transform the Inefficiency of Corporate Training and Instructional Design

Participants of corporate training sessions forget 85 percent of the information delivered, twelve weeks after the program. What a waste of resources, time and productivity. It is glaringly obvious that the lack of science-based training programs and neurobiologically aware instructional design methods results in:

  • Minimal training retention

  • Lower productivity

  • Management frustration

  • Employee dissatisfaction

  • Less value added to the company, market, and customers

  • Companies that fail to adapt in rapidly changing markets

The failure to recognize that learning, memory formation and behavioral change are biological processes is the primary cause of our corporate training problems. Companies make the fatal error of assuming that because they have delivered information to employees using the current trends of eLearning or instructor led training (ILT) they have adequately done their job. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The neurobiologic science behind deep learning and transformation is virtually unknown in the e-learning/instructional design industry, and it’s non-existent in today’s models of instructional design taught in graduate schools. We are on a crusade to change that fact. We develop systems that educate trainers, teachers, instructional designers, corporate coaches and human resource departments on why they are not getting the results their companies so desperately need, and how to implement the crucial science behind behavioral change.

Our systems illuminate how instructional design has missed the point and what the point really is… to change the very landscape of the brain itself, the neurobiology, which is what actually causes long term learning, behavior modification and enduring shifts within a company.

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“Why is it that of the multitudes of people exposed to new information from books, seminars and online programs, which could have a profound positive impact on their lives, only a small percentage of them take the information and actually put it into practical use in their own lives? There is a missing piece to this puzzle, and I believe The Learning Code is that missing piece.”
Kim Kiyosaki
Entrepreneur, International Speaker, Author of Rich Woman and It’s Rising Time, A Call to Women